NCC - 80104

Lieutenant Tatsuo Nakano

Name Tatsuo Nakano

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 1:37pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 165 cm
Weight 57 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tatsuo is an attractive woman with eyes that are normally cold and analytical but sometimes can express a deep warmth in unguarded moments. Her hair is thick and shoulder length but is most often worn in a bun.


Spouse Prakash Tanaka (husband, divorced)
Children Akari (daughter)
Father Asahi
Mother Kaiya
Sister(s) Reiko (42), Rieko (43)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tatsuo is a dedicated, driven Starfleet officer and doctor whose principle duty is to the Truth, a maxim taught to her at the academy and she has taken very much to heart. She has little tolerance for narrow minded fools and has great difficulty in forming emotional bonds with others. Even those she has done so with find her a bit difficult to tolerate upon many occasions.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Workaholic, single minded

-Workaholic, single minded
Ambitions To solve the murder of Ambassador Vnolol
Hobbies & Interests Reading mystery novels, playing with her cats, learning to play the piano

Personal History Born on Deneva Prime, Tatsuo was raised in a competitive household where her parents were eager to see their children become the best at whatever endeavors they pursued. Tatsuo's sister Reiko had become a very talented jazz drummer, while Rieko pursued a passion for Archeology which drew her to other worlds.

Tatsuo had begun a passion for medicine in that she wanted to understand how living things worked. she started at age eight when she discovered a dead lizard and by watching videos learned how to properly dissect it. While her artist Father expressed concern her Mother, a city planner, encouraged Tatsuo to pursue her passion. Soon things got out of hand when she started hurting other children in order to "treat" their injuries. While those issues were addressed it was obvious the young girl had difficulties forming bonds, or at least bonds with sentients as she seemed to love small animals. Small living animals, at least; once her pets died they were immediately subjected to autopsies.

Tatsuo entered Starfleet Academy and was both one of the best and one of the worst students they had ever seen. When it came to life sciences she excelled but in almost all other respects she barely squeaked by. It was only through a series of intense "cram" sessions that she managed to pass her exams. But in entering medical school she showed great promise and she caught the attention of Dr. Noella Agrinya, a forensic pathologist. It was also when she met Prakash who performed the minor miracle of piercing her shell and courted her. The pregnancy was quite unexpected but not necessarily unwelcome, although as her studies forced her to focus on school Prakash took on more and more of the duties of raising their child. Sadly the divorce was inevitable and Prakash took full custody of the girl. To Tatsuo's surprise when her former husband and daughter departed Earth it struck her like a stake through the heart, a realization that she had grossly failed in a fundamental human endeavor.

Upon graduation Tatsuo served a year's internship on the Victory where she proved to be an able doctor who was respected for her work ethic, not so much for her inability to form close bonds. After a year of solid work and more than one adventure, especially in helping to solve the murder of a smuggler who had taken refuge on board the Sargon, she joined Starfleet's Criminal Investigation Unit as a pathologist. Things seemed to be going well when the Romulan Ambassador Vrolol was murdered and remained unsolved. Tatsuo was held partly responsible as evidence had become contaminated but she insisted that she had properly stored them. But to save face with the Romulans heads had to roll and Tatsuo's was one of them. She resigned from Starfleet under a cloud, despite her mentor insisting she stay and weather the storm. But Tatsuo knew if she stayed Agrinya would shoulder the blame and the woman was one of the few people she felt any affection for; she would not subject one of her frew friends to that.

Tatsuo resettled on Vega I and opened up a medical practice, her choice of worlds was not random as this was where her ex-husband and daughter had settled. Attempts to reform a bond with her child Tomoko met with mixed results at best. When her mentor reached out to her suggesting that Tatsuo rejoin Starfleet she was honestly torn. She felt most comfortable with the rigid order of her former profession, but at the same time the position available was that of Chief Medical officer on board a ship. In a rare moment of vulnerability she addressed the issue with her former husband and daughter and confessed she had no idea what to do, that she felt a desire to form some sort of connection with her offspring but also a desire for her former life. To her surprise Tomoko offered to come with her, if it was at all possible. Prakash was proud that their daughter wanted to help her Mother and though being away from her would be painful he knew that Tatsuo needed her more.

So Mother and daughter found themselves on the Europa...
Service Record 2373-2381, Starfleet Academy and Medical School
2382, lt. jg., internship on USS Sargon
2383-2391, Assigned to Starfleet Criminal Investigation Division, ultimately promoted to full lieutenant
2392-2396, Civilian life, private practice
2397-Now lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer, USS Europa