NCC - 80104

Akari Tanaka

Name Akari Tanaka

Position Family Member


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Character Information

Gender Female
Age 12

Physical Appearance

Height 1.37m
Weight 35kg
Hair Color brown, dyed blonde
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Akari is a pretty adolescent girl of principally Japanese descent, she is most often seen wearing a black jacket with a holographic display on the back cycling through hundreds of symbols from dozens of cultures,from the ancient Earth "peace" sign to Vulcan IDAC, among many others.


Father Prakash Tanaka
Mother Tatsuo Nakano
Other Family Grandfather: Asahi
Grandmother: Kaiya
Aunts: Reiko (42), Rieko (43)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Akari is an intelligent, inquisitive young lady who enjoys pushing boundaries and seeking adventure...or a little bit of trouble at the very least. Her precocious nature disguises a very caring soul which is exhibited in the way she mothers her Mother
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal to a fault
+Highly Intelligent

-Can push things too far
-Just a bit manipulative
Ambitions Akari has no idea what she wants to do with her life quite yet. Still young, she is trying to figure out what life might have in store for her. In the mean time giving her Mother "life lessons" is a full time job in itself, she feels
Hobbies & Interests Akari is an excellent chess player and could possibly become a master if she applied herself. She is a very good piano player, experienced in both classical, blues and jazz. Akari loves to read, mainly historical and informative texts rather than pure fiction, although almost against her will she has found herself peeking at Mother's mystery novels. For this reason she is a font of little interesting facts.

Akari has mastered the ancient art of the yo-yo and has learned quite a few tricks.

Personal History Akari's birth was not planned but it was not unwelcome either, and her arrival actually managed to preserve her parents' marriage for another couple years before Father realized it was a lost cause and they would always come second to Tatsuo's ambitions. So the pair left Earth to settle elsewhere. Prakash raised Akari alone and the pair were happy. And then Tatsuo came back into their lives. Emotionally damaged from what she perceived was a deep betrayal by Starfleet, Akari's mother felt she had no where else to go since her parents seemed to believe the lies told about her. Lesser people would have turned Tatsuo away but Akari had a habit of taking in strays and saw her Mother as the ultimate rescue.

Tatsuo's practice thrived and against all odds so had her relationship with her daughter. Years went by and Tatsuo had an opportunity to return to Starfleet, to finish what she had started. It would be a long road; she would have to rebuild her career and reputation. And Akari knew she could not do it alone. After a long talk with her Father Prakash reluctantly agreed that Akari belonged with her Mother and after a tearful farewell he bid the two good bye.

Now traveling with her Mother, Akari is determined to teach her Mother some basic social skills and to see what trouble the universe can serve up to her.
Service Record N/A