NCC - 80104

Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Name Leland Hawksley

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 1:37pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 183 Lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Mr. Hawksley is 33. Leland is in his peak physical and mental acuity. He has a tall body frame. A medium musculature composition accentuates his height.

Leland keeps his dark hair combed and in shape. When left, his hair can grow long. He shaves almost every day and is left with a 5 O'clock shadow at the end of a grueling Engineering shift.

Hawksley likes sports and has had numerous broken bones along the way. He has recovered from two broken ribs and a shattered leg over time.


Spouse Amelia Wilde Hawksley
Father Daniel Hawksley (67)
Mother Alice Hawksley (63)
Brother(s) Brian Hawksley

Brian is Leland’s younger brother by two years. At 29 years old, Brian explores the Galaxy as an interloper on Freighter shipping lanes throughout the Federation and Romulan spaces.

Leland has infrequent communication with his brother Brian over encrypted federation com channels.
Sister(s) None
Other Family Large Extended Family

Denver, Colorado, Earth, Sol. System

Personality & Traits

General Overview Leland is a good friend and a reliable buddy. However, his personality is guarded with a touch of easy-going nature. He is like a Hawk, always on the lookout for malfunctioning engineering.

He likes to keep his shifts at a consistent arm's length. When Leland is off shift, he still can be found checking up on the ship's engineering systems.

A trip to the holodeck with blazing sun-drenched beach, waves, and much alcohol usually are needed to destress for Mr. Hawksley for at least once a month.

Leland is caring. He enjoys his career. He will not tolerate bickering or crewman who does not act within teamwork.

He has a passion for all sports. He loves a brutish game of Hockey and has participated and won a few federation cups along the way.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

Mr. Hawksleys has extensive Federation Academy knowledge-based education and experience in languages, training, and technical abilities. The core specifics of sub space field dynamics, performance, emergency operations, etc., were all covered.

Having served numerous assignments, Leland developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and planning skills.

Mr. Hawksleys has a critical set of qualities. He is dependable, flexible, hard-working, expressive, formal, punctual.


Leland can be impatient. He believes in teamwork, and that teamwork should flow smoothly, this should be steadfast and efficient. He will not tolerate delays.

Sometimes he can let his emotions show such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation. However, this is rare for Leland.
Ambitions Mr. Hawksley has considerable ambitions in life.

Having had completed his bucket list so far, he has rock climbed, camped in the Arctic to see the Northern Lights, learned to play the classical guitar and cooking skills.
Hobbies & Interests It comes as no surprise that Leland’s interests lie in the Engineering Sciences. When he is not in the Europa Engineering on shifts, Hawksley is in his quarters strumming over his guitar or watching movies with his wife Amelia, or playing Hockey on the holodeck.

Leland is passionate about keeping his body healthy and is in the Gym early at 0530 Hours every morning before his Engineering shift. Leland loves sports of all kinds, especially Hockey.

Personal History Leland was born on April the 14th in the year 2364. His parents are Daniel and Alice Hawksley. Leland had spent most of his childhood on Earth, in Denver, CO. He spent much time living his early years in nature and wilderness. He has a passion for mountain biking and camping.

The Hawksley Family is a tight-knit bunch and often gets together whenever they can. They have a cottage back on Earth in the wilderness. Every time Leland has shore leave. He spends it at the cabin. There, Leland fly fishes and lets his Golden Retriever "Spartacus" chase the squirrels.

Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Engineering stream, at the age of 20, Leland graduated in 2384 with full honors.
Service Record Service Record:

USS Rabin NCC - Engineering Assistant [2384]

USS Musashi – Engineering Assistant

USS Bellerophon - Assistant to the Chief of Engineering

USS Kincaid - Assistant to the Chief of Engineering

USS Europa – Chief of Engineering [2399]