NCC - 80104


Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 4:52pm by Lieutenant Tatsuo Nakano

Tatsuo thought K'Vaugh Ch'o's latest mystery novel, Alleys of Blood was possibly his best. She was especially impressed with his detail regarding forensic evidence. Many mystery writers did not pay close enough attention to such things and were far more interested in personal interact-

She blinked and thought she heard something. She shrugged slightly and scrolled up. She had heard this was going to be adapted into a holo novel but Tatsuo thought it would be a shame. Holo novels atrophied the imag-

She scratched her ear and began re-reading the paragraph. K'Vaugh's hero, Dren Grenjoh, had just been knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant just as he had discovered the third body in his own apart-

"Oh my, a corpse!"

Tatsuo's head snapped up, she looked about the runabout's passenger section. Several other passengers had turned in their seats to regard Tatsuo and her daughter, Akari. Akari giggled, Tatsuo grimaced.

"That was not funny," she noted severely.

"Oh, yes it was, Mother," her precocious daughter replied, "I've been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes. But you were staring at that book of yours..."

"I was reading," Tatsuo noted.

"Let me guess; medical journal or murder mystery? Or, wait, was it an article about cats?"

That comment drew Tatsuo's eyes to the two slumbering forms bracketing Akari's lap, a pair of small calicos who had been to her daughter's mind surprisingly well behaved. Tatsuo thought it prudent not to tell her offspring she had sedated them for the journey.

"Murder mystery," Tatsuo confessed. She eyed the padd in Akari's hand, "And what have you been reading?"

"The history of Deep Space Nine!" Akari replied excitedly, "I want to see the Promenade. There is a temple there dedicated to the prophets, and a place called Quarks, and-"

"We are not tourists," Tatsuo replied, "We must head straight to the Europa."

Akari frowned, "Spoil sport. Guess I shouldn't be surprised; you spent four years on Earth and not once did you look at the Eiffel Tower, or Grand Canyon, or Mount Fuji or Osaka Castle..."

"Well..." Tatsuo paused, "I had my studies...and perhaps I had no one to see those places with."

Tatsuo sighed inwardly. She had very much wanted to check in right away, to see her new Sickbay. Akari sighed and Tatsuo felt something give way in her, like she was standing on eroding sand.

"Perhaps a small walk around the Promenade..."

"If you want," Akari said with a sigh. Was that a smile she had seen on her daughter's face? Tatsuo felt as if she were always playing some sort of chess game with her, and quite often she was being checkmated...

Three hours later and a leg straining tour of the station, the pair had finally reached the docking bay. Akari marveled at the sight of the thick Cardassian bay door roll aside to the admit them. At the entrance of the ship stood an attentive crewman who politely said, "Orders, sir?"

Tatsuo handed over the padd containing her transfer orders, the crewman read through them and then checked his own padd, "I see. Welcome aboard, Doctor," he smiled at Akari, "And welcome aboard, Miss."

"I'm Akari," Tatsuo's daughter said, "This," she pointed to one of the cages on the grav lift, " Rocket. That," she pointed to the other, "Is Roxy," she turned back to him, "Just didn't want you getting me confused."

The crewman nodded soberly, "Understood, Miss Tanaka."

"Do you have any dead bodies on board? Mother loves examining corpses."

"Ah...none that I know of..."

Akari turned to Tatsuo, "Should I go back on station and ask them if they have any-"

"That will not be necessary, Miss Tanaka," Tatsuo replied with a grimace.

Akari shrugged, "Just trying to help."

"Your efforts are most appreciated," she waved towards the ship, "Shall we?"

Akari nodded and took hold of the grav loader handle, "Maybe if you're lucky they'll come across a ship full of dead bodies or something."

"One can only hope," Tatsuo replied with a wry expression as she followed in her daughter's wake...