NCC - 80104
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Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 8:45pm by Lieutenant JG Amelia Hawksley & Lieutenant Leland Hawksley

Mission: Prelude: A Fresh Start, A New Beginning
Location: Hawksley Quarters
Timeline: Day 6 at 1900

Amelia stood looking around the living room, she’d put out subtle clues to some news she had for Leland. The cushions on the sofa had been changed to blue and pink, the book she was reading had an extra special bookmark, there was a PADD with a selection of room paint colours displayed on it and now all she had to do was wait for Leland to get home.

Leland had finished in Engineering for the day confident that the new systems updates were working flawlessly. He was bushed. By the time he had reached the quarters, he happily entered to see his beautiful wife.

As the door opened Amelia walked over to greet her husband. “Hey” She gave him a welcome home kiss and cuddle. “How was your day?”

Leland enjoyed the sweet welcome home that Amelia always made him feel special, like no other man out there. He smiled in to her sweet kiss.

"I'm bushed." Hawksley had set down some padds he brought back from Engineering to the side door table.

He let his hand run soothingly up Amelia's back and shoulders. "How was your day, hun?" He in kind replied.

As a male, Leland was not one to always notice subtle changes to the immediate room décor of their quarters. However, since they had recently moved, the differences of coloring did have a slight impact.

"You changed things around I see?" Hawksley narrowed his eyes towards their comfy sofa. "You got a bit inspirational on the decorating side?" Hawksley had chuckled turning to Amelia.

Amelia smiled, “Yes, I err ... was considering doing some decorating too.” She was itching to tell Leland her news but didn’t want to throw it at him straight away.

"Let me grab a beer. You want something while I'm at the replicator?"

“Erm ... a fruit juice please” Amelia smiled warmly as she took a seat picking up her book.

Coming back round the sectional in their living room, Leland handed Amelia her glass of juice and sat down beside her with a beer and cracked it open, relaxed. Leland smiled, as he lay his forearm across the sofa. "So, you figure... Pink and blue is the best colors hunh?" He took a swig of the beer. "I love your inspiration." He stated. "What else you got in mind."

“Actually I was thinking about this” she handed him the PADD with the room colours on but added a very special picture that she’d printed, waiting to see Leland’s reaction.

Leland looked at the padd. His face was noticing the new colors, which he had expected. Yet, somehow, there was an odd picture. It was a photo of an ultrasound.

He looked from the padd at Amelia. His face confused, and then looked at the padd, and then back at her once more.

Amelia’s smile shone. “It’s a scan picture! Leland ... I’m pregnant!”

“Oh my god!” He shouted. His face washing over with pure joy. His back was jolted from his relaxed nature on the couch upward. “We’re…. YOUR Pregnant!!!” His eyes glistened with a newfound joy that he had just felt the first seconds wash through him. A child. They would have a child. A Son. A daughter…. A child! He immediately reached his long arms forward, pulling his wife into a profound hug of joy.

Amelia smiled the biggest smile yet. Hugging her husband she gave Leland a loving kiss. “We won’t know for a little while yet what sex the baby is but I’ll be happy with either.”

Leland looked back and smiled at Amelia. "God. I am so proud of you..." He held her close to him. "From the moment we met in the Academy, I knew you would be the one. The one that could bring us a Family. Anything that you can..." He paused. Looking at her still flat stomach... "Can make down there, I will be honored to be its Dad." He smiled brilliant.

“It’s not an it, he or she is a baby” Amelia grinned. “If my test is right I’m about 6 weeks, so I was pregnant before we married!” She grinned again. “All that time we spent on honeymoon talking about, and trying for a baby when I was already pregnant!”

"This... This is great news." Leland smiled. "So when do I get started pampering you my lady?" He leaned close to Amelia, just wanting to be with her close, knowing she was pregnant. "You understand. This baby will be around 5 years old by the time our Gamma Quadrant mission is completed!" Hawk was grinning. "She or He will be walking and talking and learning..." He was so excited. This would bring a whole new depth to their Marriage now that Amelia was pregnant, and one he wanted to prove to Amelia how good a Dad he could be.

“Five years?” Amelia looked at Leland wide eyed. “We’ll be out for five years! What if something happens? What if something goes wrong?” She looked nervous, before taking a deep breath. “I’m sorry! I just ... feel nervous is all. I don’t think our new CMO approves of pregnant women, either that or just doesn’t like pregnancy in general. It’s hard to be relaxed around someone like that.”

"Shit..." Leland had cursed letting the cat out of the bag. "I... You didn't get the Mission Briefing synopsis yet?" He had felt bad. While he was a Chief he was privy to mission briefings etc. Hawksley didn't want to throw it in Amelia's face, not in the least. "Well... Yes. We will be in the Gamma Quadrant. But you don't know this... At least, till... You officially know it." He reached forward and placed Amelia's small hand into his large hand. "I promise, the mission is exploratory. We aren't getting or looking for any danger. Just... A little while." He frowned showing empathy.

Amelia offered an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so upset. I’m still adjusting to the idea that I’m having our baby!” She smiled happily. “I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine.”

Leland had nodded "There is nothing to be sorry about. That is big news. And this..." He looked at Amelia's belly. "I can't wait to see the first pictures!" He gazed. "I'm also interested. Will you have any off the wall sort of cravings and such?" Leland broke into a happy laugh.

“I have no idea!” Amelia grinned. “Everyone is different so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. This isn’t going to cause problems is it?” She looked at Leland concernedly. “We don’t know what we’ll face out there, I don’t want you worrying about me instead of what you’re supposed to be concentrating on.”

Amelia had asked a poignant question. However, as her Husband he simply could not sit back and let her be placed in danger, especially with their child. He wouldn't let anyone know his trepidation, at least not until it was prompted.

"Amelia." Leland took her hand, and then looked into his Wife's eyes. "We will take every precaution. Captain Rollin's has proven historically to be a very calculated and guarding of his crew." Hawksley paused. "As for the Doctor. I have had a chance to meet her. I think she will serve admirably. A Baby is not new for Starships. She will comply, if confrontational. She will have me to deal with..." He didn't think a Doctor would be brash of a child being born. It was only humanity in the truest of forms.

Amelia nodded. “I’m sorry! I’m just nervous. Five years out in space, exploring the unknown. Our son, or daughter will be five years old before we return home again.” She offered a smile. “I guess it’ll be exciting, who knows what wonders we’ll find.” She tried offering a happier smile.

Leland nodded agreeing. "I know it will be while, baby." He kissed Amelia leaning inward, remembering just why he had feel so deeply for her. "Our child will be born in space. On a starship. We live and work in space, travelling the Federation and beyond. I don't think that is a bad thing. When he or she is of age, then we will back within the Federation where we can visit Earth." Leland smiled.

Amelia smiled, and nodded. “This is going to be fun! I can’t wait to be a mum. I have no doubt you’ll be a great father. It’s going to be a learning curve for us both, but I’m up for the challenge.”

Leland grinned. "I remember the first time I had met you. I was at Hockey practice on the Varsity Team, and you were there with some friends. I don't even think you knew what you were there for." He paused. "As soon as I seen your eyes. I knew."

Amelia nodded and smiled. “So did I, how could I not! I clapped eyes on you, from then on I couldn’t take them off you!”

"I was smitten with you. I asked every dude on the team, who is she? Who knows that girl in the stands?" He remembered. "Do you remember the first thing that I had brought you, before I had asked you on that date?" He reached around and begun to lay Amelia against his chest and shoulders on the couch, Leland wrapping his large arms around his Wife.

“You brought me a dozen red roses” Amelia smiled as she remembered. “I barely knew you, and yet there you were with this bouquet of roses! You certainly made an impression on me that’s for sure!”

“I was a sulk, alright.” He smiled as he leaned in, kissing his hard-won prize, the prize of a lifetime to be with his mate, his true Wife. “But, I thought. Suppose I’m to make an impression. Give it all, Leland, or go home!” He chuckled.

“I’ll never forget that first year on Campus. We couldn’t do anything apart.” He snuggled into Amelia. “I’m jealous that way, aren’t I?” He grunted a bit.

“Just a little” Amelia grinned. “But I like it. You make me feel safe, and protected. I need that now more than ever.”

"Well." Leland relaxed. He tapped at this padd nearest him. The replicator had reacted to the application on the padd, which had been instructed to replicate a fresh baked cheese and peperoni cheese pizza. Along with that was two cold soda's.

"Thought you might like some good comfort food tonight. Am, you must be starving?"

“That I most definitely am!” Amelia grinned as patted the sofa for Leland to sit and enjoy with her.



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