NCC - 80104
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Securing Security

Posted on Fri May 14th, 2021 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Noli Auru

Mission: Prelude: A Fresh Start, A New Beginning
Location: Deck 08, Security Offices
Timeline: Day 3 at 2220


Leland was confident and happy that the Europa was now underway through to the Gamma Quadrant. If the next few months and years, they would to constantly ensure that Security Systems were up to standard optimization.

While stationed at Deep Space 9, Leland had a flurry of operations to complete before they had departed for the wormhole. One of the departments he needed to speak with was Security.

If there was anything Security had needed to upgrade, anything needed checking or anything at all. As he was now a married man, with a pregnant wife on board a starship with a five-year journey, he was hell bent on ensuring the safety of things was paramount, at least from an Engineering end. Engineering supported Security and Tactical Operations interchangeable.

[Security Office, Deck 08]

Having requested a time and a meet with Lieutenant Auru, the Chief of Security, Leland was happy to talk and address anything of engineering and Security and tactical mechanics.

Checking his silver wristwatch, Leland was just a few minutes late. "Shit." He muttered. He had time to change into a clean and crisp white teeshirt and pair of his khaki cargo shorts. He was taking time off from Engineering to attend Amelia's doctor appointment later that afternoon.

Tagging at the Chief's door, he waited to hear if she was within the Office.

"Come," the voice from within barked.

"Is it a bad time?" Hawksley had entered the security office. He had with him a pair of padds and two replicated hot chocolates. Hawksley had wanted to have a good meeting.

"Lieutenant Auru, Hawksley, Leland. Chief of Engineering. Good to meet you." He extended his hand for a hearty handshake while he had sat down with the two take out cups from the mess.

"Noli," the Bajoran corrected as she rose to her feet and took the offered hand. "It's Lieutenant Noli. I follow the traditional naming practice of my people, so it is family name first, given name second," she explained. To her, it was odd how people still got it wrong, even years after her people had joined the Federation.

Once the hands were released, the blonde sat down once again.

"Lieutenant, Noli." Leland paused, and shook his head remembering the Bajoran naming. "I apologize, sincerely." He then brought forward one of the replicated take out cups of black coffee for Noli. "Please, accept a coffee as my apology."

"Lieutenant, Noli." Leland paused and shook his head, remembering the Bajoran naming. "I apologize, sincerely." He then brought forward one of the replicated take-out cups of black coffee for Noli. "Please, accept a coffee as my apology."

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Taking the offered coffee, the Bajoran gave a welcoming smile, and gestured for the seat opposite her desk. "So, Hawkesley, what can I do for you?" she asked upon returning to her seat.

"As Engineer on the Europa, I wanted to sit down with you, Lieutenant. As you know, we're heading on a lengthy mission. I need to know if there are any issues with the security systems and any shortages in areas that I may have overlooked. Anything. Anything at all." Leland could be seen as a bit over the top. However, his concerns were warranted—issues to be fixed need to be checked now, rather than later once in the Gamma Quadrant.

"Honestly?" the Bajoran queried, "I've only been aboard a short while but everything I have come across so far seems to be fine. I'd obviously like to run some live fire exercises of the weapons, in order to test the targeting array and other systems, but that's up to the powers that be," she informed him.

Leland had sat up a bit after hearing the Security Officer speak of live fire rounds, and having to test systems. "Actually. I have been meaning to update my tactical assays as well, Lieutenant." He cocked his head to the side a bit. "We will need to be up to maximum security as we enter the Gamma Quadrant." Hawksley agreed.

A curious smile washed over the Lieutenant's face. "Do you have any experience with the Gamma Quadrant, or the Dominion?" she enquired.

"The Jem Hadar. I've had a few skirmishes in my time, but only within the Federation incursion zones." He shrugged. "To be honest. I don't think I want anything to do with them. If we are to engage the Founders... The Gem Hadar." Leland reflected on the Mission Briefing earlier. "

"We best optimize between tactical and Engineering. I want to give you as much juice as you need, with as max power to the shields as we can get." Hawksley was studying various programs relating to the Europa systems and minimal drainage effects to cores and hardware in extreme emergencies.

"It's good to know we'll go into an engagement with maximum tactical abilities," the Bajoran smiled as they exchanged suggestions, "but it would be wise to keep some power for the engines or Lieutenant Paxton will have a melt down in battle."

"Lieutenant Paxton won't have a problem. I can't see draining the core to the point of damaging her." He referred to the core as his sweet girl. Of course secretly the core was called 'Amelia.'

"Well, it was a good meeting with you Lieutenant. I look forward to us working together in the future. Europa is in good hands with you at Security." Leland had lent a nod with a smile.

Rising to her feet and offering a charming smile to the handsome Engineer, the blonde bombshell nodded. "The pleasure was all mine, Lieutenant," shr grinned, "I'm sure we'll be working very closely together."



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