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Prenatal check up

Posted on Wed Jun 2nd, 2021 @ 9:38pm by Lieutenant JG Amelia Hawksley & Lieutenant Tatsuo Nakano & Akari Tanaka

Mission: Prelude: A Fresh Start, A New Beginning
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 3 at 1745

"I am most discontented."

Tatsuo glanced up from the stack of PADDs laying on her office desk, "Did you make that word up?"

Akari paused, frowned, " not sure..."

Tatsuo set aside several of the PADDs, "What has placed you in this state, she who is so obviously struggling with adolescence?"

"I hate school."

"'Hate' is-"

"The proper word. I hate it with the burning passion of a million exploding suns. I had my whole curriculum planned out for the next five years and some...some...teacher now dictates my future?"

"Hmmmm. Yes. Something similar happened to me. Someone came into my life, intent on changing it. I was convinced I knew my destiny and ignored them and they went right out of my life. In retrospect it was a terrible mistake and one I came to regret."

"Who-Oh, you are talking about me, aren't you? Well..." Akari shifted uncomfortably in her chair, "'s weird hearing you be sentimental. Unnatural. Next you'll be offering a hug..."


Walking past the door of the Doctor’s office Amelia heard voices she wasn’t sure if she should interrupt or not, but she did need to arrange a medical for herself. She paused by the door and politely pressed the chime.

"It seems you have been spared the indignity of an awkward embrace," Tatsuo noted with a slight smile. She called out, "Come!"

As the door opened Akari slid out of her chair and said, "Looks like work found you, Mom," she turned to the arrival, "Hello. Are you the pregnant one?"

Tatsuo sighed and said, "Lieutenant, my daughter, Akari. Akari, lieutenant Hawksley," after a pause she added, "Yes, 'the pregnant one'."

Amelia smiled warmly at Akari. “That’s me! It’s nice to meet you Akari” she looked to Tatsuo. “I’m sorry to disturb you.”

"Quite all right," Tatsuo replied as she stood, "Akari-"

"Can I wa-"

"No. You may leave."

Akari's scowled, her eyes narrowed, "Until we meet again, Doctor."

She turned to Amelia and smiled brightly, "Nice meeting you, lieutenant!" and she almost skipped out the door.

Tatsuo sighed as he stared at the place where Akari had been, "I am not sure if she is going to get better or worse over the next five years," she turned to Amelia, "No book, no relative, no holo-counselor will adequately prepare for it..."

Amelia smiled. “I guess I have all that to look forward to.” She gave Tatsuo a curious look. “I think I owe you an apology, I wasn’t sure you appreciated having children onboard, either that or it was just me.”

"To tell the truth I am still not certain whether or not I approve of that," Tatsuo sighed, "Akari lived with her Father so I was allowed some measure of freedom. Now we are living together and it is taking some...adjustment."

Tatsuo shrugged, "So, what may I do for you, lieutenant?"

“Actually I need my boarding medical, and official confirmation of my pregnancy.” Amelia smiled warmly.

The urge to summon the EMH grew strong but Tatsuo fought it down. This was her job, after all. As she stood and grabbed her tricorder she hoped that perhaps something interesting might be in the offing, such as the lieutenant spawning some undiscovered alien life form. She waved the tricorder across the lieutenant's belly and frowned.

"It...appears to be developing normally..." she noted as she read the results, a trace of disappointment in her voice...

Amelia frowned. “There’s no need to sound so disappointed! and my baby is not an it!!” She shook her head. “For a mother your bedside manner towards a pregnant woman leaves a lot to be desired.”

Rather than being upset or distressed at the lieutenant's response Tatsuo seemed...amused.

"Strange," she murmured, "Every pregnant woman I ever examined said almost the very same thing. I am beginning to think there is some correlation between my patients that goes beyond their irrational desire to bear host to another life form."

She shut off the tricorder, "The ones that want to do it twice? They are insane. When I was pregnant I used to have nightmares of Akari chewing her way out of my stomach and then strangling me with her umbilical cord. The counselor was at a loss to diagnose me. Your potential life form seems to be doing fine, by the way," she hesitated, then added, "If you were hoping for a human offspring, that is."

Amelia nodded. “Both my husband and I are Human, so the baby is as he or she should be. Tell me doctor do you consider your child to be a thing? I would certainly suggest you speak to a Counsellor about how you feel about pregnancy and pregnant women.”

Tatsuo slipped past the nurse to the Sickbay, she said in passing, "My emotional attachment towards Akari has nothing to do with my feelings regarding what I see as an obsolete biological function, lieutenant. One of Starfleet's talented engineers could easily construct an artificial womb and you could have your child with a minimum of fuss or discomfort."

Tatsuo reached the diagnostic bed, "Now, if you do not mind greatly if you could lay down so I can get a second opinion?"

Amelia nodded and lay down on the biobed. “The whole point of pregnancy is not just to procreate it’s for the experience of creating a life with someone you love. This is what Leland and I have been wanting.”

Tatsuo studied the readings on the bio bed, they seemed to jibe with those from her tricorder. She picked up Amelia's wrist and noted the pulse.

"A pity 'Leland' will not be sharing the sensations of a weak bladder or swollen ankles with you, lieutenant. By the way, as long as your here is there any truth to the rumor you are also pulling shifts in Operations?"

Amelia nodded. “That’s correct, I’m fully trained in Operations so I’m a backup for Ops if they need me alongside my duties here in Sickbay.” She smiled. “As for Leland he’s onboard ship too, and he’s very supportive.”

Tatsuo made a noncommittal noise in the back of her throat at that. All well and good 'Leland' was supportive. Leland was not going to have to worry about weight gain and nausea. Instead she said aloud, "As long as you understand where your principle duties lay, nurse, then what you do in your free time is none of my affair. You and your potential progeny appear to be in good health. Do let me know if you think the situation changes."

"I will, thank you" Amelia smiled warmly. "And don't worry I know where my principal duties lie, I'll be here doing my job."

"I am quite certain you will be, lieutenant."

And as the nurse left sickbay Tatsuo frowned thoughtfully. Perhaps, she thought the Emergency Medical Hologram might get a promotion to head nurse...



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